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Bankruptcy can be an unsettling topic, but the reality is that millions of individuals and businesses have benefited from bankruptcy proceedings. Seeking to have an unpayable debt discharged or restructured can be a lengthy and complicated process, but the attorneys at Ziegler & Schneider are well-versed in bankruptcy law and stay apprised of the current trends so they can help you reduce financial stress and work toward achieving financial stability.

Our attorneys have over 30 years of experience providing representation for thousands of Chapters 7, 11, 12 & 13 bankruptcy cases. We have experience representing debtors such as farmers, individuals, and businesses, as well as representing creditors such as landlords and banking institutions.

Our attorneys are licensed to represent parties in both Kentucky & Ohio and have gained a wealth of experience providing representation in federal bankruptcy courts.

In the course of representing individuals seeking bankruptcy law protection who primarily have consumer debts, our firm constitutes a Debt Relief Agency as defined in 11 U.S.C. §§ 526, 527 and 528.

Our firm assists individuals with filing all types of bankruptcy.

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Sometimes thought of as traditional bankruptcy or liquidation bankruptcy, a debtor does not have the income necessary to satisfy their debts, so they seek to have certain debts discharged. If the debtor does have some income that can be applied to their debts, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 may be more appropriate.

Businesses like corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships are able to pay their debts, but request to have payments restructured either by being provided more time for payoff, or by having a portion of their debt discharged in order to achieve more manageable payments.

Farmers and commercial fisherman who are unable to pay their debts but seek to continue operating can have payments restructured based on their seasonal earning schedule.

The individual debtor or married couple is able to pay, but requests to have payments restructured either by being provided more time for payoff, or by having a portion of their debt discharged in order to achieve more manageable payments.

Creditors, such as lenders and landlords, have rights that allow them to maximize recovery of their losses. Creditor’s Rights also determine which of multiple creditors will have the strongest claim for repayment.

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Not sure Bankruptcy is right for you?

Consult with one of our experienced attorneys to determining if bankruptcy is the proper choice for you by reviewing the different types of bankruptcy and the benefits of each. Once you have determined that bankruptcy is a viable option for you, our attorneys will guide you through every step of the process.

Why should you be considering Bankruptcy?

  • To provide relief to individuals and married couples from the demands imposed by banks and other creditors that impair your ability to protect your family, education needs for your children, your home, car and employment
  • To financially reorganize your businesses while keeping the business viable and allowing people to keep working
  • To allow farmers to reset debt obligations and allow you to keep the family farm.

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What Our Clients Say

Thank you for the excellent preparation work by Jessica (Wehrman) and the efficient closing process with you, Catherine (Stavros).

—Client Review

I’ve known Jeff (Blankenship) for many years.  When I started going through my divorce, he was the first I reached out to.  To my surprise, his first advice was to try to repair the marriage, if at all possible.  Unfortunately, that was not an option, but Jeff stuck by my side and helped me through all the emotional and financial burden that a divorce can place on you.  He was even able to get creative with the payment options, which was an enormous help in such a financially stressful time.  Our friendship has only grown from this experience, and we continue to work together even though my divorce is finalized.

—Client Review

After knowing Jeff (Blankenship) for many years and overpaying for legal services to gain custody of my kids, I finally gave Jeff a try.  Jeff was able to save me money and complete the task of gaining custody of my kids.  Now, years later, he is always attentive to my calls and treats me like a friend instead of just a client.  Highly recommend, and my only regret was not hiring him earlier.

—Client Review

Jeff (Blankenship) and his team are amazing!  From the moment they became involved in my son’s case, all I had to worry about was getting him the treatment he needed.  Every step was explained, and every problem was handled.  They made us feel more like family than a case or number.

—Client Review


Not sure Bankruptcy is right for you?

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